Fashion Public Corporation is a fashion industry service. We offer 7 services with 1 and 1 approach. Our mission is to facilitate expansion in fashion markets through our multimedia services. We specialize in strategy and innovation. Our talented creative team can push your company locally as well internationally. We are located in the heart of trendy Downtown Brooklyn. Let us be your brand ambassador.


Through creative solutions, strategic positioning and in-depth consulting, Fashion Public connects brands with the consumer in innovative ways. Our creative team is on the pulse of the ever evolving business trends. We pride ourselves in our unparalleled service and how we maintain brand relationships. Whether print, broadcast, or online medium, we at Fashion Public can deliver your brand to the market with confidence.


We at Fashion Public Corporation are enmeshed with the community we live in. The five boroughs that make up New York City is teaming with future talent. We are geared to find these designers to develop their image and brand through our innovative approach to social media platforms as well as integrated multimedia services. Whether you are looking to incorporate classic marketing approaches like radio and television content or are interested in multimedia online content we can develop your ideas using creativity and innovation that is unique to our team at Fashion Public Corp.




Creative solutions, strategic positioning and fashion consulting. Fashion Public connects brands with the consumer in meaningful ways. A constantly evolving media, requires a responsive and proactive approach. Our relationships are unparelleled and niche when it comes to media across broadcast, print and online. Our core competencies include fashion, lifestyle, and technology.



For an all access activity management program contact us for details regarding the VIP treatment for a number of venues and events happening during your visit.



Our talented creators are well equipped to create outstanding campaigns for your brand. Whether we are shooting a fashion editorial, updating your look books, or documenting a fashion show, your brand will surely stand out with our high production levels. As the fashion capital of the world, New York is an iconic place for world renowned brands to create their campaigns. This is our backdrop and live set 24/7. Why not yours? If you can dream it we can realize it.



Our team is geared towards developing your brand through our intense approach to insuring your style legacy. From fashion forecasting to sourcing and scrutinizing piece goods until fabricating the first clothing samples, we will be with you every step of the way as creative directors for your vision. Whether you are an independent atelier, a “brick and click” or an established brand our design services will take you to a new level each season.



We create fashion content to stream on Television stations. Is there a more interesting subject to study than fashion? For one thing we know for sure is that fashion is no boring subject matter and our mission here is to educate the public whilst entertaining through our program of diverse content. Here’s a perfect opportunity to brush up on your fashion vocabulary, learn about matching colors, fashion news and review collections with designers.



With our domestic and global partners let us optimize your collection’s wildest imagination into a runway debut. We are positioned to put you in arenas that will propel you to success. When you sign with us you will be introduced to our industry experts.



Working from the preproduction stage of storyboard sketches, designing the lighting and audio solutions, to the production phase of set building and crew management our team will produce a professional level commercial, show or promo that will hit your idea out of the ball park. We work with you during all phases to instill confidence that your vision will be actualized regardless of your production experience.


AUTHENTICITY - Science and fashion can go hand-in-hand. We have formulated a system that will crystallize what makes you unique. Your originality is paramount.


CREATIVITY - Exciting runway shows exhibit creativity. It is the cornerstone of a collection and presentations. Our strategies leave no stone unturned in the quest for your fresh look.


RELEVANCY - Being timeless is a hallmark of visionary style. Trends are always emerging. We are geared to help give your line utility while maintaining its integrity.


AESTHETIC - Menswear has continued to flourish as an increasingly exciting area for designers. Coupled with the grooming market as well as men’s accessories, we look for new avenues for your brand.


Our approach is always tailored to each client. We diagnose weaknesses as well as strengths to move your brand to its next echelon. Our team guarantees results.


Ready to step into your new shoes? Contact us so we may get formally introduced to your brand’s world. Then we can assess and strategize your next move in conquering the market. Our challenges are geared to bring out your best as well as success in your collection.

Address: Downtown Brooklyn, N.Y.

Kenneth John, B.A.

CEO and Founder

Akimie Worrell, M.S.

Fashion Consultant, Editor and Model

Rodyniel Gonzalez

Director of Film Editor

Waheedah Shaheed, A.A.S.

Communications Officer

Nico Martinez, B.A.

Director and Cinematographer

Jack Mapira, B.A.

Cinematographer and Production Assistant

Ricardo J. Mercado, BSCoE

IT Consultant
Fashion Innovation and Techology